The internet is constantly evolving which means as businesses, we need to keep up with it. Website redesign is something your business needs to pay attention to; whether that means minor changes or a total makeover.

However redesigning websites too often can also be detrimental to the success of a business. This forces people to keep pace with the ever-evolving internet and understand the healthy balance of change and originality.

We’ve made this a little easier on you and found five of the best reasons to redesign your website.

Your products and/or services have changed.

Let’s start with the basics. If your company is now offering a completely different array of products and/or services, your website obviously needs to reflect that. This can be a great chance to inject new life to your website and change the design to showcase your new stuff.

Your website isn’t efficient.

Building a website doesn’t always come down to science; it’s about trial and error. When the internet is constantly changing the way the world sees things, your website may not be as efficient as it was two years ago.

Your website isn’t getting enough traffic.

Since there are so many different variables that come into play on the internet, there is no hard number for “good” website traffic. Some niches will simply have higher traffic rates than others (for example, blogging and social media websites will typically have more traffic than local home service companies). Don’t get caught up on numbers, but focus on what you can do to keep people coming back to your website

You haven’t updated your website in a few years.

It happens to the best of us: things are going well and you’re really busy. Before you know it, a few years pass by and your website is screaming for a redesign.

The current design isn’t flexible enough.

Design is important to every website. However this doesn’t mean that every website needs an extensively elaborate design with all the bells and whistles. It’s important for websites to clearly convey their information to their audience in a functional way. Whether that information may be how to purchase products or the backstory of their company, it needs to be readily available to the audience.

With all these reasons to redesign, you also need to keep in mind that completely revamping your website is not always going to be the solution to your problems. In fact, changing too much can have a negative impact on your audience.

Think about a website that you visit frequently. If they changed their design structure almost every time you visited them, it would be a bit of a challenge to navigate. And people aren’t usually looking for a challenge when they’re trying to get something from a website.

Although it’s important to pay attention to the details of your website, it’s just as important to take a step back every once in a while and look at the big picture. Your website is an essential aspect of your business, and the design should reflect that.