Activate Your Accrual
Marketing Package

with United Refrigeration and Apsos Media

Put your marketing dollars to work without the hassle and uncertainty. Easy, fast, and effective. We’ll use the tactics that suit your goals and process your accrual campaign for you. You get 100% reimbursed, which means you go $0 out of pocket.

The Benefits of Your Accrual Marketing Campaign

Improved Branding

Marketing tactics like Facebook Ads and direct mail create more visibility for your brand in key geographic areas.

Increased Leads

Phone calls and form fills are the lifeblood of any business. Our tactics ensure you are front and center for new leads.

100 % Reimbursement

Your distributor provides accrued budget which you can redeem for full reimbursement for ad spend.

“Prove It” Reporting

Never be left guessing which of your tactics is effective. We provide pdf reports that show key results like phone calls.

A Complete Marketing Strategy Right Out of the Box

Google Ads and Google Local Services

Google Ads and Google Local Services are pro-active marketing tactics that we use to get your company in front of actively searching customers.

You Receive:

  • Custom keyphrase development to aim at your preferred services
  • Geo-targeting to hit people in specifically valuable geographic areas
  • Custom landing page suited for manufacturer branding

Google Search Marketing B&L OTT HVAC

Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads are perfect for branding. We develop unique images and videos and share them with everyone in your area.

You Receive:

  • Custom image/video ad development
  • Geo-targeting to hit people in valuable geographic areas
  • Ad rotation to keep your message fresh
  • Ads that can lead to your website for additional exposure


Google Local Graphic-KPI

Targeted Direct Mail

Direct mail balances the digital campaigns and hits a target audience that might not interact with other marketing tactics.

You Receive:

  • Custom direct mail design co-branded with you and your manufacturer
  • Geo-targeting to hit people in valuable geographic areas
  • Strategic audience targeting for single family homes, 8+ years old, and other useful targeting variables.


Google Local Graphic-KPI

Let’s Get Started With Your Marketing Plan

Reachout out to your territory manager if you are unsure of your budget.
What Kind of Campaign Do You Prefer(Required)

About Your Accrual Program

Curious about the finer aspects of this service and how it delivers value? Investigate below!

What is Accrual Marketing?

Accrual Marketing is a reward program for distributor partners. As you make purchases your distributor banks a percentage of that, similar to credit card points. United Refrigeration will calculate accrued budget throughout the year and you can redeem that money. One important note for accrual campaigns is that they always involve co-branding on your marketing materials. That means your manufacturer will get some space on your mailers, ads, landing pages, etc.

How Do I Find My Accrual Budget?

You’ll want to reach out to your territory manager in order to discuss your accrual rate and budget available.

Can I Review The Mailers or Ad Creatives Before They Are Published?

Yes, before our mailers go out or ads go live you’ll have an opportunity to review them and make sure they match your company’s identity.

Who's Eligible for Accrual Campaigns?

Dealers that have active relationships with distributors and manufacturers may be eligible for campaigns. The specific amount of money you can redeem will depend on your accrual rate (the amount of products you sold last year) and any special funding being done by your manufacturers.

Which Campaign Type is Right for Me?

If you’re purely interested in increasing sales right now, go with a lead generation campaign. If you already have steady leads but want to increase the overall awareness of your company, go with a branding campaign.

Can I Use Accrual Funds For Any Type of Marketing?

No, the manufacturers have strict guidelines in terms of types of campaigns they will approve and how we approach them. The co-branding has to be to their specifications. That being said, if you are unsure if a particular tactic could apply to your marketing don’t be afraid to ask. We’ll investigate for you.