We Provide Effective SEO Services For Personal Injury Lawyers

If you’re a personal injury lawyer looking to expand your online visibility naturally, then you’ve come to the right place. We here at Apsos Media have actual experience getting personal injury attorneys to rank organically in Google, Bing, and Yahoo. 

Here’s how we do it…

How We Improve Organic Rankings For Personal Injury Lawyers

If there’s one fact to remember about SEO, it’s this:

SEO is not a magic trick! 

Contrary to what some fly-by-night companies may tell you, SEO isn’t a rigid science. What works for one site won’t always work for every site. 

That said, there are best practices to follow. Some of these practices are universal, and some of them are gained through experience, trial, and error. 

So, what best practices do we use to move personal injury lawyer sites to the top of the search engines?

Keyword Research (A.K.A. Understanding The Wants & Needs of Your Audience)

When someone gets injured by slipping and falling on a business’ wet floor, they’re thinking:

I need a lawyer that can handle a slip and fall injury.

That person will then type “slip and fall lawyer near me” into Google. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if your website showed up when that happens?

slip and fall lawyer search

We make this happen by optimizing a page for these terms. By building out a page specific to “slip and fall,” we are offering potential clients exactly what they’re looking for.

Example of SEO Page For Slip and Fall Lawyers

Knowing how your clients look for what they want is only half of the equation. Lots of companies may be able to get users to your site, but few can create content that spurs them to act.

On-Page Optimization

On-page optimization is made up of 3 main pillars:

  • Keywords
  • Structure
  • Credibility

Keywords:  In order to get people to find your page on Google, it needs to be optimized with the right keywords. This doesn’t mean “stuffing” the word “slip and fall” on the page in a spammy, unnatural way; it means using it contextually with other related phrases in a way that answers the concerns of the searcher.

Structure: For someone to go from finding your page to picking up the phone, they need to be assured that you offer exactly what they’re looking for. In a perfect world, everyone who searches “slip and fall” would land on the slip and fall page; however, what experience has taught us is that people often land on other pages (like the homepage) first.

In truth, there’s nothing wrong with this

…as long as they can find what it is they came for.

Credibility: In order to compete and thrive in such a competitive industry, your content needs to  exude credibility. Let’s face it: personal injury law is a saturated field. In order to get a searcher to pick you over someone else, your website needs to prove that you have a strong grasp on whatever injury topic they’re inquiring about. 

At Apsos Media, we optimize lawyer sites with these proven principles.

Want some proof? Check out examples of our SEO work below

Examples Of Our Work

law firm client

Services Rendered:

• Website Design
• Transfer From Static Website to Dynamic WordPress
• Integration of Fully Functional Blog
• Image Work
• Social Media Integration
• Internal SEO Construction
• Link Building and Content Exchanges

The Hayes Firm provided serious SEO challenges as personal injury lawyers tend to lean heavily on advertising. Nevertheless, we were able to achieve top 5 position for our primary keyphrase “free lawyer consultation”.

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