Reliable Phone Systems are the Lifeblood of Your Front Office

Apsos Media recommends Recent Communications for all of your telecommunication needs.

No service company can grow and operate smoothly without reliable telecommunications. Your phone system, answering system, call tracking, and meeting technology must be properly in place for marketing and services to matter.

Tired of Spotty Phone Tech and Poor Customer Service?

Recent communication prides itself on providing the most modern telecommunication systems and the best customer service in the industry.

Consider working with Recent if any of the following applies:

  • You need more reliable phone systems
  • You need more modern technology to manage calls and video chat
  • You need call tracking and reporting to optimize your company performance
  • You need better support for your telecommunications system and a partner to help you improve your technology network
  • You need mobile devices (tablets and phones) integrated into your systems
  • Customer management integration for more efficient call management

Recent Communication Offerings

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