Your online storefront for Preventative Maintenace.

Turn your customers into recurring revenue with this turnkey PMA storefront . We’ll do the install, provide technical support, and connect you to an online payment processor, all in one package!

Get PMA Pro Today

Step 1: Determine if you have a WordPress website. If so, we can install PMA Pro right on your site. If not, we can provide a custom landing page just for you.

Step 2: Sign up for PMA Pro. We’ll install the plugin and optimize it for you. You can provide us with the services you’d like to see listed on your storefront or you can chat with our PMA consultants to create a plan.

Step 3: Connect your bank with a payment processor (we’ll provide guidance) so you can receive subscription payments from your new PMA customers.


$50.00 / month

(Includes install, technical support, and connection to payment processor)

Why Preventative Maintenance Agreements Matter

Preventative maintenance agreements are one of the key services an hvac, plumbing, or similar company can provide. PMA is a subscriptive offering that allows you to check each client’s house 2-3 times a year to ensure their systems are working properly and conduct routine diagnostics and small adjustments or replacements.

From a marketing perspective, PMA’s are very critical for keeping your company top-of-mind for your customers. By maintaining good relationships, your company will be the one they call when it comes time for serious repairs or replacements. It also ensures that your clients are happy with your service and recommend you to family and friends, improving your word-of-mouth.

No service is more multifaceted and valuable to your growth and sustained profit than PMA’s.

How PMA Pro Works

  1. First we determine if you are using a WordPress website. If so, PMA Pro comes in a quickly installed plugin that we can add right to your existing site. If you don’t use WordPress we can provide an independent landing page that you can use and link to at your leisure.
  2. We determine which services you’d like on your storefront. This could include things like routine inspections, product replacements, etc. We’ll add descriptions, pricing, and pictures with each service.
  3. We’ll get you connected to one of our verified payment processors. These include services such as PaySimple, which are independent, third party processors that protect your information and that of your customers.
  4. We’ll customize the aesthetics and check out experience, making sure your storefront matches your branding and is easy to understand and use.

Activate PMA Pro If...

  • You want more recurring revenue from PMA customers
  • You want an attractive storefront on your website (or on an independent landing page that you can share and link to)
  • You like the idea of having easy control over the products, pricing, and imagery used on your storefront
  • You want qualified technical support to help maintain and update your storefront

Avoid PMA Pro If...

  • Your company doesn’t offer routine services like preventative maintenance
  • You don’t want to accept online payments
  • You already have a fully functioning e-commerce platform on your website where you can build your own products and services

Service Deep Dive

Curious about the finer aspects of this service and how it delivers value? Investigate below!

If I don't use WordPress can you put PMA Pro on my website?

Not at this time. But! We will build you an independent landing page that will be dedicated to your store.

Is PMA Pro secure and safe to process online orders?

Yes, PMA Pro works with professional payment processors such as PaySimple. All of the credit card information and transactions take place over their technology and Apsos is never privvy to any of that information. Your bank account data and the customer’s credit card data is secure.

Does Apsos charge extra for transactions?

Apsos is not involved in payment processing so we do not take a fee. Your payment processor will take a fee, though (which is unavoidable).

Can I control the look and feel of my storefront?

While not 100% customizable, PMA Pro offers a lot of customizations to help make the storefront feel like a sleek and modern part of your website.

How does the bidding system work?

Facebook Ads works on a pay-per-click or pay-per-impression basis. A click is when someone actually visits your website by clicking on the ad. An impression is when your ad shows up on someone’s feed but they do not interact with it. So if you pay-per-impression, it doesn’t matter if they click or not – you are paying. Generally marketing companies will run pay-per-impression if they want to make their numbers look impressive (“we got you 50,000 impressions!”). Of course, that is irrelevant compared to actually getting people to convert into customers.

When you activate a pay-per-click campaign you can determine how much you are willing to pay for every click. Facebook then compares your bid to other people in your area bidding on the same target audience. If you are bidding more you will likely show up more frequently.

How Does Apsos track results?
Facebook Ads have inherently useful statistics right on their interface but we like to take it a step further. We prefer to install tracking pixels to follow the users behavior as they click on the ad and experience your website (if the campaign is designed to land in your website). We also prefer to integrate a tracking phone number so that we can record phone calls coming in specifically from this campaign.
What kinds of conversions does Facebook offer?
Unlike Google Ads we can encourage different kinds of user behavior when using Facebook Ads. The first and most obvious is website visits. If we have a particular offer and want users to learn more then we can have the ad lead to the website. Alternatively, we might choose to build up your fan base and push users toward “liking” your page. In certain situations, we can also create submission forms that live entirely on Facebook, increasing potential conversions because the potential customer can sign up right from their Facebook feed.
What does Apsos need to access when running a campaign?

In an ideal scenario you would be able to grant us access to three things:

  • Your website (so we can adjust your landing pages)
  • Your Facebook fan page
  • Your Facebook business manager page

Many companies don’t even realize that business manager pages exist within Facebook, so it’s possible you’ll need to work with our team in creating one. Don’t worry – it doesn’t take long and we can get it done with you in a single phone call or email chat session.

Can you run a campaign purely on Instagram?

Most of our clients get better results when running ads on Facebook or Facebook + Instagram, but it is possible to focus purely on Instagram if you think it makes sense for your campaign or audience. You can ask us more about this as you sign up for the Facebook service.

Can you approve the ad creatives before going live?

Yes, it is our standard procedure to show you ad creatives before launching campaigns. We like to make sure our ads represent the tone and writing style of your company. Some businesses like to be very formal, while others are more casual and friendly. Some even dip a toe in the waters of humor and memes.

Can you approve the ad creatives before going live?
Yes, it is our standard procedure to show you ad creatives before launching campaigns. We like to make sure our ads represent the tone and writing style of your company. So, businesses like to be very formal, while others are more casual and friendly. Some even dip a toe in the waters of humor and memes.
Is this different than Facebook Page Management?

Yes. Facebook Ads tend to show up in potential customer’s social feeds and sidebars regardless of if they are a fan of your brand. That makes ads good at reaching out to new potential customers. However, you can also technically boost posts from your page out to new potential audiences so the lines are somewhat blurred. The major difference is that with Facebook Ads we do not create routine content on your page. If you are interested in having us manage your page and create routine content for, please check out Facebook Page Management service.