Hipec Service Package

From: $400.00 / month

Facebook Page Management - Hipec Treatment

We create content on Hipec Treatment on Facebook. This includes original content, videos, and post boosts (cost is included in your monthly fee) in order to increase attention.

Facebook Group Management - Hipec Support Group

In addition to the normal Hipec Facebook page we also manage the Hipec Support Group. This management includes vetting and adding new members, removing problematic members, and creating informational posts when needed.

App Parking Fee

The social media app developed for Hipec is currently parked so that we can restore it if needed.

Website Conversion

Converting the old website to a new, more stable version. This includes reconsideration of plugins, adding improved plugin functionality, redeveloping the structure and design of site, and integrating new theme.

Website Hosting

Hosting is the land where your website “home” lives. Apsos uses cloud hosting with dedicated server space. This means you have your own land instead of something like an apartment where multiple people share the same property.

Surgeon Profile Management

Creating, eliminating, and altering surgeon profiles as requested.

Facebook Live Creation and Management

The development, management, and video posting of Facebook live events.

Facebook Live Video Editing, Snippet Creation, and Social Media Posting

Facebook Live Video Editing, Snippet Creation, and Social Media Posting. This is where we convert the Facebook live events into small, usable chunks for marketing purposes.

Auxilary Website Services

This service encapsulates the auxiliary plugins, hosting needs, and various sundry needed to operate the website. Tools include Wufoo, simplybook, Zoom, etc.

Google Ads Management

Google Ads is a pay-per-click service that allows you to get to the top of searching engine rankings in the “ads” section. If you pay more than your competitors and have a better landing page you show up better.

Website Upkeep & Maintenance

Like any investment, a website requires steady upkeep. Regular maintenance ensures speedy page loading, proper element loading, and up-to-the-minute security tech.



This page encapsulates all the services rendered for HipecTreatment.com.