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Marketing companies make a lot of promises, but you can see our execution for yourself. No tricks or trapped credit cards, just a quality sample.

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Step 1: Determine which of our free offerings appeals to you and select it.
Step 2: You’ll go through a typical checkout process but will not be charged and your card will not be held hostage to cancellations.
Step 3: Work with us to set up your free service and let us know how it went!

Free Services


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Free Service - Google Ads 5 Lead Package

An opportunity to experience our Google Ads service for free.

Free Service - 200 Unit Mailer Drop

Try our direct mail service for free with a 200 unit drop.

Free Service - Sales Postcard Package

Receive a variety of useful postcards that can be used to solicit reviews and create referrals.

Free Service - Website and SEO Review

We'll review your website and SEO performance to identify areas of success and areas that need improvement.

Free Service Options

5 Free Lead Google Ad Service

Google Ads allow you to skip the line and show up early and often within Google results. Our ads target people that live in relevant geographic areas and are searching for services related to your business.

With this free service you’ll receive:

  • A customized landing page with your logo and key services
  • A Google Ad campaign focused on your geographic areas and preferred service
  • 5 leads in the form of phone calls or form fills that are delivered to your email inbox

After you receive your leads you can determine if you enjoyed the service and would like to continue it.

To learn more about Google Ads, visit our page here.

Sales Postcard Package

Your sales staff and technicians need as many tools as possible to help them improve the reputation of your company and create new sales opportunities.

Our postcard package is used during sales visits or after technician work. The postcards include:

  • A review postcard that is provided to the client after work is complete. The postcard provides simple instructions for how to leave a review as well as a QR code for easy review access via mobile phone.
  • A referral postcard that provides an incentive for your current customers to recommend new customers.
  • If you have a preventative maintenance plan we can create a postcard that displays benefits of joining.

You’ll receive 50 units of each postcard which you can distribute to your team. If they like it, we can discuss ordering more and creating more robust packages.

200 Unit Direct Mail Drop

Direct mail is an excellent way to gain awareness in specific geographic areas that you serve. Through strategic targeting we can identify houses of a certain age, income level, and value that would be appropriate to your services.

This 200 unit drop gives you a taste of direct mail service with Apsos. Usually 200 units is not enough to generate many leads but it still provides a chance for you to figure out how it might fit into a larger marketing plan for your company.

To learn more about Direct Mail, visit our page here.

Website and SEO Review

Are you wondering if your existing website is performing optimally? This service is for you.

Your website is your first and best chance to make an impression on new customers so it has to be polished. We’ll create an assessment of where we think your website is doing well and where it needs a little help.

We’ll also generate a Search Engine Optimization report that demonstrates how people are finding you and where you are invisible (for example: which towns do you show up in on Google?). We can use that to determine where your primary competitors are beating you.

If we identify some areas for improvement you can then make a strategic decision on how to activate Apsos to help you.

Service Deep Dive

Curious about the finer aspects of this service and how it delivers value? Investigate below!

Will I be Automatically Charged?
No. This is not an attempt to capture you in a subscription service where it is difficult to cancel.
Can I Have All the Free Services?
To reduce abuse we ask that you just select the one that is most interesting to you. We can always go back and try other ones afterward.
Does This Lead to High Pressure Sales?
No, we believe the value of the service will speak for itself.
Do Free Services Ever Change?
Yes, we rotate free services based on availability and ideas we are floating around in the company.
How does the bidding system work?
Facebook Ads works on a pay-per-click or pay-per-impression basis. A click is when someone actually visits your website by clicking on the ad. An impression is when your ad shows up on someone’s feed but they do not interact with it. So if you pay-per-impression, it doesn’t matter if they click or not – you are paying. Generally marketing companies will run pay-per-impression if they want to make their numbers look impressive (“we got you 50,000 impressions!”). Of course, that is irrelevant compared to actually getting people to convert into customers. When you activate a pay-per-click campaign you can determine how much you are willing to pay for every click. Facebook then compares your bid to other people in your area bidding on the same target audience. If you are bidding more you will likely show up more frequently.
How Does Apsos track results?
Facebook Ads have inherently useful statistics right on their interface but we like to take it a step further. We prefer to install tracking pixels to follow the users behavior as they click on the ad and experience your website (if the campaign is designed to land in your website). We also prefer to integrate a tracking phone number so that we can record phone calls coming in specifically from this campaign.
What kinds of conversions does Facebook offer?
Unlike Google Ads we can encourage different kinds of user behavior when using Facebook Ads. The first and most obvious is website visits. If we have a particular offer and want users to learn more then we can have the ad lead to the website. Alternatively, we might choose to build up your fan base and push users toward “liking” your page. In certain situations, we can also create submission forms that live entirely on Facebook, increasing potential conversions because the potential customer can sign up right from their Facebook feed.
What does Apsos need to access when running a campaign?
In an ideal scenario you would be able to grant us access to three things:

  • Your website (so we can adjust your landing pages)
  • Your Facebook fan page
  • Your Facebook business manager page

Many companies don’t even realize that business manager pages exist within Facebook, so it’s possible you’ll need to work with our team in creating one. Don’t worry – it doesn’t take long and we can get it done with you in a single phone call or email chat session.

Can you run a campaign purely on Instagram?
Most of our clients get better results when running ads on Facebook or Facebook + Instagram, but it is possible to focus purely on Instagram if you think it makes sense for your campaign or audience. You can ask us more about this as you sign up for the Facebook service.
Can you approve the ad creatives before going live?
Yes, it is our standard procedure to show you ad creatives before launching campaigns. We like to make sure our ads represent the tone and writing style of your company. Some businesses like to be very formal, while others are more casual and friendly. Some even dip a toe in the waters of humor and memes.
Can you approve the ad creatives before going live?
Yes, it is our standard procedure to show you ad creatives before launching campaigns. We like to make sure our ads represent the tone and writing style of your company. So, businesses like to be very formal, while others are more casual and friendly. Some even dip a toe in the waters of humor and memes.
Is this different than Facebook Page Management?
Yes. Facebook Ads tend to show up in potential customer’s social feeds and sidebars regardless of if they are a fan of your brand. That makes ads good at reaching out to new potential customers. However, you can also technically boost posts from your page out to new potential audiences so the lines are somewhat blurred. The major difference is that with Facebook Ads we do not create routine content on your page. If you are interested in having us manage your page and create routine content for, please check out Facebook Page Management service.