Client Referral

Member Reward System

When a referral comes in through an existing Apsos team member, the process is more efficient and effective due to the existing relationship between the Apsos team member and the potential client. This is called a “warm” lead and is much more valuable than cold leads.

Apsos encourages everyone in the team —from the oldest to the newest arrival— to bring in potential clients whenever possible. As a way to say thanks we have established the rewards system seen below.

Accelerate Growth

Tier 1 - Chat Starter

Reward: $25

Any time you bring in a potential client and there is a conversation around potential services, you will receive $25.00. It doesn’t matter if the client ultimately signs up for services or not. You still redeem this reward.

Tier 2 - Sign Up

Reward: $125

If you make the connection to a new client and they agree to services you will receive $125.00. The amount the new client spends will not effect or reduce your reward.

Tier 3 - Big Fish

Reward: 5% of total spend

If the new client you bring on agrees to spend more than $2,500 with us via their initial contract, you will receive 5% of that total initial spend. For example, if the new client agrees to a $5,000 marketing package, you would receive $250.

Ready to make your referral?

Here’s how to do it

Fill out the form below with the client’s information. Provide as much detail as possible. If we agree that the client could be a potential fit, we will give you the go ahead to make the connection. You create an email introducing the client to Apsos. Once the conversation is started your job is done!

Client Referral Form

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