Each small business presents a unique set of challenges and opportunities. We’ve had the chance to work with a wide variety of clients and have learned a lot of about tailoring websites and brand strategies to each client’s need. Browse some of our previous work below and reach out to us with any questions!

b&l ott heating and air

B&L Ott Heating and Air

A leader in the HVAC industry near Reading, PA, B&L Ott was a repeat customer for us. We initially set them up with a quick, effective website to get them started on the web. We came back later for a full redevelopment, including website, logo, truck wraps, and marketing.

Learn more about B&L Ott Heating and Air.

hoover martial arts center

Hoover Martial Arts Center

HMAC had a quality product and strong reputation, but lacked a modern way for prospective students to reach out. We developed a professional, minimalistic website that matched the intent and style of the business.

Learn more about Hoover Martial Arts Center.

male herbs online

Male Herbs Online

Male Herbs Online is an affiliate program with Superman Herbs. The owner wanted a sleek website that communicated the health and fitness aspects of the product. We were able to use modern design techniques to convey the forwarding thinking nature of the product.

Visit Male Herbs Online.

dak self storage

DAK Self Storage

One of our longest running clients, we’ve helped establish and maintain a priority present for DAK in the market of self storage in Leesport, PA. We’ve utilized a long tail content creation process to expand their market reach and brand awareness.

Learn more about DAK Self Storage.

ac paintball

AC Paintball

Owner Bill Hayes converted his Emu Ranch into a paintball facility in Southern New Jersey. We were more than happy to play along as we helped establish ACP as one of the leading NJ paintball destinations. SEO results for paintball near Atlantic City tells the whole story.

Learn more about AC Paintball.

acc consulting

ACC Consulting

This accounting and consulting firm started with a strong service but needed an online presence to match the quality of the business. We provided a full suite package, including logo design, website design, content creation, marketing strategy, social media build, and more.

The Hayes Firm

The Hayes Firm

The Hayes Firm had a strong network in place and an online presence, but found itself in need of an SEO and aesthetic overhaul. Using analytics and design testing, we optimized the conversions of clients and provided a professional design scheme.

Learn more about The Hayes Firm.

dms computer forensics

DMS Computer Forensics

DMS was the brainchild of Don Stewart, a police officer and detective in Pennsylvania. Our full service suite of logo design, web design, content creation, marketing, and more helped launch this business from scratch.

Visit DMS Computer Forensics.

ikigaiway martial arts blog

IkigaiWay | Martial Arts Blog

The personal blog of Matthew Apsokardu, owner of IkigaiWay. This long running article repository is one of the places Matthew cut his teeth in the online writing and website design world. He continues to maintain and update it regularly.

Learn more about IkigaiWay.

insure my studio

Insure My Studio

This website was an intellectual concept developed by the owners of Karate Insurance. They wanted to expand their reach to physical fitness facilities outside of the martial arts realm. We helped develop the strategy and online brand for the extended effort.

Learn more about Insure My Studio.

Karate Insurance

Karate Insurance

A long-time leader in the insurance world, Karate Insurance had a solid SEO foothold but needed an aesthetic redesign. We conducted analytical and research-based overhauls on the design and conversion tactics, resulting in a brand new online appearance.

Learn more about Karate Insurance.

karate depot video center

Karate Depot Video Center

Apsos owner Matthew Apsokardu tapped into his personal martial arts experience to develop and shoot an series of professional how-to videos for online retailer Karate Depot, increasing user retention and providing a more useful shopping experience.

Learn more about Karate Depot Video Center.



Developed by the owner of Karate Depot, ShipHero was designed to help improve warehousing and product management. Our job was to create easy-to-use tutorial videos that guided both potential customers and current users.

Visit ShipHero.

Three Tears Karate

Three Tears Karate

Online retailer TTK was losing its e-commerce provider and needed to shift to a new service. We facilitated the move and developed a more modern website on the new platform, utilizing graphic design to create a smooth purchasing process for customers.

VW Fraud Law

VW Fraud Law

The recent diesel emissions scandal rocked the automotive world and caused serious confusion and consternation in VW owners. Bill Hayes extended his service from The Hayes Firm to reach out specifically to VW owners. We designed the website, SEO, and adwords structure.

Workmans Compensation

Workmans Compensation

Workers Compensation was one of the strongest converting elements of The Hayes Firm, so owner Bill Hayes asked for a website focusing specifically on the topic. We used geographical research and conversion tactics to help workers in New Jersey connect with quality attorneys.

Learn more about Workmans Compensation.

Western Karate

Western Karate

Apsos owner Matthew Apsokardu had written a number of ebooks before taking the leap into physical publication. “Tales from the Western Generation” was his first serious work, and Apsos developed the website that acted as an online home for the research project.

Visit Western Karate.

Your Dojo Online

Your Dojo Online

Due to a strong connection with the martial arts community, Apsos decided to reach out specfically to dojo owners about creating their online brand. Mirroring the general style of Apsos Media, Your Dojo Online is a focused effort in attractive design and conversion methods.

Visit Your Dojo Online.

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