Modern Air Solutions a Bensalem, PA based HVAC repair company approached us with the task of updated their website in order to help attract more traffic and increase conversions. We began by running analysis to understand the specific areas of improvement better. From there we devised a plan that included a new responsive website, graphic design elements, upgraded SEO, and a highlight of the company’s stellar Google reviews. Scroll down to see how we made this happen for Modern Air Solutions.

Services Rendered:

Developed New WordPress Powered Site

Our team designed a website for Modern Air Solutions with the future in mind. With more and more people accessing the internet through their mobile devices we took special care to create a website that remains responsive and easy to use from desktops and laptops, to tablets and smart phones. The website home page displays Modern Air Solution’s services next to their numerous certifications and positive testimonials to give potential customers the confidence that they are making the right decision. A sticky bar that follows the visitor throughout the home page makes it easy for them to request a call from a Modern Air Solutions representative.


Transferred Old Website Into New Build With Minimal Downtime

When you are trying to generate business through your website you can’t afford to have you website down for work. That is why our team took special steps to make sure that the website would be down for as little time as possible. This transition was done efficiently and quickly ensuring that there was virtually no opportunities missed while the upgrade was taking place. During the transition we also removed all duplicate content issues with the previous site.

Improved SEO and Longterm Digital Marketing Plan

While designing the new Modern Air Solutions website we conducted extensive research to determine the best possible SEO plan to help this new website attract visitors and potential clients. With the findings of this analysis the Apsos Marketing crafted compelling and keyword rich copy that will help search engines better identify the site. Alongside this our team also upgraded other SEO relevant areas like the images, load speed, local SEO, and long tail keywords that are favorable to voice search to make sure that Modern Air’s new website is ready for possible future changes to Google’s SEO algorithms in the coming years.


Created Customized Graphic Design Elements

We wanted the new Modern Air Solutions’ website to help the company truly stand out against their competition. To do so we not only employed creative languages but created several original graphic design elements and featured them on the homepage. The large images welcome visitors and help to grab their attention and guide them to continue exploring the website and learn more about Modern Air Solutions’ services.

Added Emphasis on Google Reviews

Recently the Google algorithms have started strongly favoring businesses in industries like HVAC that have a strong presence on Google Reviews. Modern Air Solutions had many happy customers and we wanted to highlight this on the new site. We made sure to display all their stellar reviews in prominent places like the home page, page side bars, and we even went so far as to create a page dedicated to their testimonials. This not only pleases Google’s algorithms but will also help show potential customers that Modern Air Solutions is company that can be trusted.


Integrated Google Business Posts

In 2017 Google rolled our their Business Posts to all small business and we wanted Modern Air Solutions to make use of them first and stand out from the rest of their competition. The Google Business Posts allow Modern Air Solutions to highlight key service offerings, events, or products directly on the Google search results page under the company info. These posts also appear in the map results and help reduce the steps from researcher to customer.

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