Here at Apsos Media we love our employees, and would like to share all the awesome things they are up to. As an agency we are proud to say that a majority of our employees work remotely. This allows them to travel and work from wherever they wish, creating a vibrant group of creators and thinkers. As you will see our employees are anything but boring and are out there creating, working, and experiencing as much of the world as possible.


Lindsey from Apsos

We are so excited to feature Lindsey as our first Apsos Star. Lindsey is one of our writers and loves to cook vegetarian food and exercise. When she isn’t doing those things or working she can be found watching hockey, at a concert, or attending music festivals.

Working online gives Lindsey the ability to work while cuddling with her two pet cockatiels who like to sit in her lap while she works…that’s definitely not a regular coworker! Lindsey also loves the variety that comes with being a freelancer: “I get to work on writing and projects for clients from all over the world, and learn about new topics all the time!”

With constant learning and a cockatiel or two in the lap how can you not have an awesome work day?


Apsos web developer Chris

Chris is Apsos’ trusty and very talented web designer and has worked on many of our client’s sites.

In pursuit of adventure Chris moved to the island of Maui where he ended up meeting his soon to be wife Ang. After getting married and living in Maui, Chris and Ang decided to leave it all behind and live on the road. They feel the happiest on a long road trip singing along with the radio.

With the goal of living on the road continuously Chris and Ang purchased a trailer and now travel the US with their newly adopted dog Marty.

If you want to follow Chris and Ang on their crazy trailer adventures you can do so by reading their blog: You Me and Ogi 


Subscribe to their YouTube channel where you will find lots of fun videos covering their life on the road.


Apsos public relations Kevin

Kevin works for Apsos in public relations and grew up in the North East. As a kid he was encouraged to continue with a traditional career path, but he developed an adventure itch that threw a wrench in those plans.

After graduating from college he turned down a job with an insurance company and instead accepted a position working with a social service organization as a part of the Jesuit Volunteer Corps Northwest in Juneau, Alaska.

After working for two years in destination marketing in Juneau, Kevin started Landscapes On The Run where he shares information, inspiration, and resources for sustainable and adventure travel. It’s Kevin’s goal to shine a light on businesses and destinations that are doing innovative things with recycling, renewable energy and locally sourced labor.

As you can see Apsos employees are anything but ordinary, and we couldn’t be happier or prouder about it. Stay tuned as we share more stories from our employees and the awesome things they are doing to make the world a better and more exciting place.