Mailer Design

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Nothing beats word-of-mouth, and good marketing capitalizes on that. If your company is repairing or replacing HVAC in a neighborhood, you can develop additional business through neighborhood direct mail marketing. By identifying the address of a recent job, we can send direct pieces of mail to surrounding homes. Provide your company information below to quickly and easily send out your radius mailer!

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Apsos Media has partnered with Ferguson and Ameristar to provide you with a consistently valuable direct mail service. By making direct mail part of your routine marketing efforts, you can:

  • Increase exposure in relevant neighborhoods
  • Improve your Ameristar numbers year-over-year
  • Put timely deals or discounts in front of possible customers
  • Activate consistent marketing in a turnkey fashion
  • Reach customers who don’t rely on the internet for information
Apsos utilizes a standard 6×9 postcard which fits easily in most mailboxes without being folded or crumpled. We stay up-to-date on the latest Ameristar marketing requirements and standards, ensuring that you are representing your brand and their brand properly. If you’re looking for a geographically specific marketing technique that is a snap to execute, you’ve come to the right place.