2016/2017 Radius Mail Package

Welcome to our 2016/2017 Radius Mail Package! This program is executed in coordination with Trane and Lyon Conklin to provide you with a superior marketing package.

Follow the easy steps below in order to provide us with all of the information you need to properly submit your  company for participation.

The 2017 program provides a total of 125 addresses for neighborhood radius mailers, which can be redeemed throughout the year. Please provide a minimum of 10 addresses at a time.

2016 program participants have 45 addresses available to them.

Your address usage will be tallied by Apsos Media, and should you need to know your remaining number of addresses available, you can email matt@apsosmedia.com.

Submit Your Company Info Below

Write As You Would Like It to Appear on Mailers
Will Appear on Mailer Unless You Have a Tracking Number Already Established with Lyon Conklin
Will Not Appear on Mailer
Keep Addresses One Per Line. These will be subtracted from your total addresses that come with the program. If you need to check your remaining amount of addresses available, email matt@apsosmedia.com.

Please note that by participating in this ad package and submitting this form, you agree to participate in all Trane Consumer Promotions in 2017 as outlined in sales plans. It is understood that a remote call forwarding phone number will be listed instead of  the dealer’s phone number which will route calls to dealer’s office location and will allow leads to be tracked. Billing will be split in equal payments over a ten month period beginning in March, 2017.  Commitment is for the duration of the program, and this agreement cannot be cancelled.

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