Thanks for considering Apsos for your internship fulfillment! We’ve worked with a number of interns in the past and feel that we can create an environment that is both supportive and vibrant, giving you tasks to improve yourself while not overwhelming you during your busy course season.

Read on to find out more about this internship, and we hope you apply!

Intern Title: Content Creation Specialist

Focus: Content Creation, photography, videography

Equipment Needed: Good quality camera or modern camera phone. Computing device (laptop, desktop, tablet).

Description: Apsos has a variety of clients that would benefit from well researched, well written content. The focus of this internship is on the Real Estate industry. The intern would have the opportunity to take videos and short video clips of the homes, and then create written descriptions of what makes each home special. The intern would work with our videography staff member to turn their video clips into a 60 second highlight reel (unless the intern possesses video editing skills, which would be seen as a plus). Other blogging opportunities will be given to the intern as their time and talent dictates.

Time Requirement: Roughly 5 hours a week.

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