The value of social media is one of the hottest debated topics of our modern marketplace.

Can talking on Facebook and Twitter really lead to more conversions?

I personally believe that social media cannot be used in place of a true website presence. Having a high quality website can both impress and retain customers in a way unequaled by any social website.

That being said, underestimating the context that can be built via social media is a big mistake that ignores the trends of user behavior.

Think of it this way – websites like Facebook, Twitter, Yelp, Etc provide a rare opportunity to reach out to clients and build relationships with them. Companies can now help, understand, and retain customers in a very personal way (if they have the energy and dedication to do it).

How I Help With Social Media

I can help build a social media campaign from the ground up, starting with getting the proper profiles built and connected to your mainstay website.

From there, I can help create consistent marketing logos and messages that help users stay in tune with you no matter where they like to spend their online time.

Finally, I can utilize my background in professional writing and communication to build a voice for the company the engages users and consistently prompts interaction.

If you’d like to learn more about how social media can add to your online brand, contact me here.