Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a term coined for the practice of showing up as well as possible in search engines.

Google, Yahoo, and now Bing are the three big players in the search engine world. Their results can make or break a company. Showing up well in each of them is not a simple process, and requires both in-site and off-site work.

Why Focus on SEO?

Getting large amounts of relevant traffic can help boost revenue for your business, even if you are a brick-and-mortar company. The web is getting smarter, and more emphasis is being placed on showing people local results that are relevant to their needs.

Google and the others can put you in front of customers relevant to your topic, your area, or both. But how do you go about finding your customers? What are they searching for exactly, and how do you beat competitors for the top slots of search results?

My Approach to Organic Results

In my mind, organic search results (those that come up without paying) offer the greatest long term value for businesses. Getting traffic does not sap revenue, and users tend to trust the resource more.

In order to achieve better organic results, I work from the foundation up. I go into a website and make sure it meets best SEO practices as desired by Google, etc. Then, I enhance the writing both in quality and quantity to improve the user experience and give the engines more focused material to process.

After I am done improving the site itself, I go out and begin the link building and reputation building processes.

Augmenting with PPC

Many businesses like to augment regular search engine results with PPC (pay per click). This provides a shortcut to the top of the page for a variable cost.

I can also build proper campaigns to focus on the right keywords at the best bid.

If you’d like to discuss what SEO buildout might do for your company, reach out to me here.