Surprise, surprise, there is a new social media platform out there that everyone is talking about. It feels like every couple of months a new app comes on the market that everyone jumps on before forgetting about it before the weather changes, but we think that this one is different. In this post, we will show you why you should pay attention to IGTV and how it can help grow your small business.

What is IGTV



Instagram announced the release of its new long-form video platform early on in summer of 2018. What’s new with IGTV is that creators can now publish long-form vertical videos, while up until now Instagram restricted videos to be under one minute. This gives you the chance to communicate with your Instagram audience in a more meaningful way.

The second big innovation with IGTV is that it focuses on vertical video. Most video sharing platforms out there, like YouTube and Facebook, are made for horizontal videos. IGTV is the first long-form video platform that focuses on vertical video, which is primarily created with a smartphone, not a dedicated camera. This greatly reduces the barrier of entry for creators and is more user-friendly since your phone was designed to be used vertically.

Why should your business use IGTV

Instagram, which is the main app behind IGTV, is already the 3rd biggest social media platform after Facebook and YouTube. This means that there is a strong possibility that your customers are already on Instagram. The ability to post longer video content on IGTV gives you the chance to form a stronger connection with potential customers or possible return buyers that are already using the app.

IGTV is also still relatively new, which means that there is less competition for eyeballs and more opportunity. Instagram doesn’t want to see its new platform fail, so you can be sure that it will be promoting content on IGTV heavily, and you can benefit from that promotion by creating content on the app.

How to use IGTV



IGTV is connected to Instagram, but it does not use the same app. To get started using IGTV you will need to download the app from your phone’s app store.

Once you’ve downloaded the app, log in with your Instagram credentials and the two apps will sync. Now you are ready to publish content on IGTV.

Something to be aware of is that unlike Instagram Stories which you create within the Instagram app, you do not create IGTV content in the app. You will instead have to use your phone’s camera app, create the video, then upload it to IGTV.

The app is set up this way is to give you the ability to edit the video before uploading it to the app. In this way, IGTV is filling the gap between the polished video content you will find on YouTube, and the very unpolished video content on Instagram Stories.

Once you’ve created your video content and edited it, you can upload it to the app. The creators of the app have made this very intuitive and easy to figure out so I won’t spend much time explaining how to do so.

In IGTV you can create a title and description for your videos just like in YouTube. Make sure to use some keywords in both of these since this will help people find your videos. In the description, you can also add hashtags that work the same way as in the original Instagram app. Once you are all done simply publish your video and voila, you’re all done!

Here are 5 specific ways you can use IGTV in your Small Business

Research shows that people buy from brands they like and trust. The best way to get potential customers to like and trust you is to help them get to know you better and what you stand for. IGTV makes this extremely easy, and here are a few examples on how you can use it in different types of small businesses.

  1. If you sell physical products, you can create a series of videos that go over each product and how to use them. You can even give a product to a coworker to test and film the whole process.
  2. People make a company what it is, so use IGTV to publish a series of interviews with your coworkers so customers can get to know the people behind the company.
  3. If you sell services you can interview some of your past customers and get them to share a little bit about their experience working with your company and how they have benefitted from the relationship.
  4. You can also document some of the behind the scenes of the company. If you’ve ever seen the hit TV show The Office, then you can imagine what I am talking about. You can easily start a weekly IGTV show that shows what it takes to make your company tick. This sort of transparency helps to build trust with customers.
  5. Create helpful tutorial videos for your customers. If you run an HVAC, plumbing, or electrical company, you can create a series of short videos that show people how to fix common problems that they don’t necessarily need your help for. This will help build trust with potential customers who will come to you first when they have a problem they can’t fix.

We hope that this post has helped you get a better understanding on what IGTV is, how it fits in the greater social media landscape, and how you can use it to connect with potential customers. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to reach out to us through Facebook or Instagram.