By now we all know that in order for a business to have any foothold on the internet it needs to be creating content. The content can really be anything, a blog, podcast, video series on YouTube, even a strong social media presence can drive huge amounts of sales. Heck, there are entire businesses who are based entirely on one Instagram profile.

The truth is that creating content consistently is a lot of work, and as a business owner you are probably already very busy.

Good news is that there are lots of experts out there looking to help, and one of the foremost experts is Gary Vaynerchuk, better known on the internet as GaryVee. A few months ago Gary released a behind the scenes look at how his team creates content that has now gone on to generate over 35,000,000 views in total.

In this post I will break down his content strategy so that you don’t have to spend the time reading the entire thing since you are already busy as it is.

So without any further ado, here is how to create content on a daily basis using the GaryVee conent strategy.

Focus On One Type of Content


Unfortunately, I am not like Usain Bolt. I can’t be the best runner in the world, and then on a whim decide to go and play professional soccer, and odds are you are probably in the same boat.

Creating great content is very similar. It’s very difficult to be a great blogger, podcaster, and video personality. It’s not impossible, but certainly very difficult, especially when you consider all the responsibilities you already have as a business owner.

So focus on just one. That’s your pillar content!

If you are an amazing writer, then write. If you are great on video then a YouTube channel is probably a better move for you. The important thing is to choose one main medium on which you perform the best and start creating content there.

Gary Vaynerchuk does exactly that. He focuses on his three main types of content (because he’s the Usain Bolt of Content): his daily vlog, his daily podcast, and any talk or keynote that he gives in public. Even though we see him everywhere, that’s actually the only content he creates other than a few Instagram and Snapchat stories.

Create Micro-Content


Once Gary has his pillar content created, he then hands it over to his team whose job it is to analyze the content and pull out the highlights for “micro-content”. Micro-content is basically short, bite-sized pieces of content, that is distributed on social media.

Imagine for a second that you have a YouTube channel and you create one 35 minute video every week. You can then take that video and pull out the bloopers, main talking points, or any other highlight and make them into short, minute long videos. These can then be shared on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn for example.

You now don’t have just one piece of content, you have at least a dozen posts across three different platforms.

Don’t be Afraid to Double Dip

Just because you created a video, doesn’t mean that that information has to stay in video format. You can do what I call “double-dipping” (just a slight personal touch to the GaryVee content strategy).

You can easily pull just the audio from your video and use that to publish a podcast. You can then take that audio and pay someone to transcribe it into text for a blog post. This is double-dipping.

Technically it’s the same content, it’s just distributed across two other mediums. This is a great technique since some people may not like to watch videos and prefer to take in content through blog posts or podcasts.

Listen To Your Audience


This is a really important part of the GaryVee content strategy, and that’s to listen to your audience. Take note of what people are saying about your pillar content. What do they like? What don’t they like?

If you see a part of the video that a lot of people are saying connected with them, then create more micro-content around that part. Maybe you can pull the quote out and use it to make a custom image for Instagram using a tool like Canva.

This helps you geenrate ven more pieces of micro-content, and don’t forget, we are technically still working with just one piece of content here!

In Conclusion

So, that’s it. That’s the quick and simplified version of the content strategy of Gary Vaynerchuk. We started out with one pillar piece of content like a YouTube video, and by the end had created a podcast episode, blog article, and dozens of social media posts. If you are like most small business owners that’s probably more content than you are currently putting out in a month! 

Obviously, this will take some time, but not nearly as much as having to create new original content every single day for all the different platforms out there. Now, if you are super busy and can’t do this either, then no worries, that’s why we are here. At Apsos Media, we can help you every step of the way!

With that shameless plug out of the way 😉 let me know if I can help out in any way in the comments section down below.

If you want to take some time and go through the full presentation yourself you can see it in all its original glory here.