My combination of work and education provides unique insight into the world of online brand building. During my time at Penn State University I had the chance to work at Nolde Forest Education Center as a Public Relations Specialist. I also pursued publication in multiple academic journals. After graduation I got a job at tech startup Classic Wines where I spent almost two years in intense study of SEO and online content creation.

Since that time I have worked exclusively with online companies, helping them develop a stronger more dynamic presence.

My goal is to create a structurally sound web presence from the foundation up. My process is as follows:

  • Design a visually impressive and reliable website via the wordpress platform
  • Conduct analytics based research on the specific market of the brand and discover openings in the niche
  • Match the goals of the company with opportunities in the market niche
  • Build solid on-site SEO using best practices as dictated by Google/Yahoo/Bing
  • Begin content creation process through on-site pages and blog
  • Construct social media accounts on all major platforms (facebook, twitter, youtube, pinterest, etc) and investigate possible tone for community interaction
  • Brainstorm unique ways to reach out to b2b partners and b2c clients
  • Begin off-site SEO strategies that include link building, local presence, mobile presence, and reputation building
  • Find routine methods for drawing users from social media into core platform
  • Continue content build and find interesting ways to bring attention to the brand

Developing a strong presence online is a long process that requires care and attention. But, when done the right way, can provide a lifetime of value.