Do you enjoy exploring the extensive marketing opportunities presented by Facebook Ads? if so, consider applying for this position.

Apsos Media is seeking a focused Facebook Ad Specialist to join our team. We have content developers and web designers and now need a skilled practitioner to help get our message out in front of the right audience.

Apsos currently works with clients in a wide variety of industries. Each industry requires careful consideration to get in front of the right audience with the right message. The Ad Specialist position will be responsible for assessing that audience, creating a campaign, and optimizing it over time.

1. Determine ideal B2B or B2C Audience
2. Develop a spreadsheet with relevant Facebook Pages, Groups, Etc through which we might target users. Also, if applicable, determine the ideal geographic area of users.
3. Coordinate with Apsos content team members to develop interesting ad creatives (graphics, videos, written word, etc).
4. Construct multiple ad campaigns that allow us to assess conversions of different audiences and different creatives.
5. Setup facebook pixel for conversion tracking
6. Develop result reports and adjust campaigns to optimize accordingly

1. Experience with Facebook Power Editor, Audience Insights, and Business Manager
2. 3+ years experience developing campaigns
3. Good organization skills, capable of creating useful reports
4. Self motivated, capable of following a routine without micromanagement
5. Experience with Instagram and Google Adwords considered a plus

If this job sounds interesting to you, consider joining our team! Apsos focuses on a healthy work/life balance and encourages its freelancers to work on their own schedule, enjoying travel and the freedom of freelancer life as much as possible. We will support you and provide as much communication and collaboration as you need.

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