Our direct mail comes in a variety of shapes and sizes depending on what we think would best transmit the marketing message. Products range from postcards, to flyers, to personal letters, and more.

Let's Figure Out Which Campaign Is Right For You!

Direct mail campaigns can vary depending on your specific goals. Ask yourself the following questions and based on those answers pick from the options below to find a campaign that meets your needs.


Do you have a sizable budget (a couple thousand dollars) or a tight budget (a couple hundred dollars)?


Do you want a large-scale blast that hits a big area, or a focused small-scale event?


Is there a specific audience that your mailer would work for, or is it come-one-come-all?

Bulk Targeted Direct Mail

BUDGET: For moderate to large budgets ($1000+)
SCALE: Large scale that can cover multiple zip codes, towns, or counties
AUDIENCE: Targeted audience. Determine the best fit for your mailer (single family homes, old homes, high priced homes, etc.) and mail specifically to them. Includes recipient’s name on the mailer.

If you’re looking to make a big impact in a wide geographic area, this is the campaign for you. Bulk targeted direct mail focuses in purchasing lots of units at one time in order to get printing cost breaks (the bigger the order, the lower the cost per piece). You can split this order into multiple drops or send them all out at once. This campaign also uses targeting, so you can get access to a specific kind of audience.

Targeting options include:

  • Age of home
  • Household income
  • Single family home or business
  • Value of home
  • Specific geographic area
  • and more!

Neighborhood Alert 50 Unit Mailer

BUDGET: For small budgets
SCALE: Small scale that hits 50 houses in a neighborhood
AUDIENCE: Neighborhood focused audience

Plant a flag in an address you know and mail to 50 of the closest neighbors. This is a great tactic if you own a service business and recently finished a job that you want to offer to the rest of the neighborhood. You can also use this option to strategically mail to areas that might be uniquely suited to your offer.

Every Door Direct Mail

BUDGET: Moderate to large budget (usually $500 or more)
SCALE: Moderate to large scale (A few hundred units to a few thousand units)
AUDIENCE: Select specific mail routes and drop a unit on each house/business/apartment on the route

Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) boasts one of the most affordable costs-per-piece of any mail campaign. EDDM achieves this by skipping the targeting aspect of other campaigns and simply handing a stack of mailers to the mail carrier and having him/her deliver a unit to every location on their route. The mailer does not have a name or address on it.

In exchange for the more affordable rate you sacrifice some of the control in terms of audience and specific unit count. Basically, you pick a few mail routes and get a quote for what it would take to mail to everyone on that route.

This kind of campaign is best for blanketing a specific geographic area regardless of what kind of home, business, or apartment is in the area.

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