Direct mail is a time tested way to get out in front of potential customers. The problem is that most folks have developed a blind eye for “junk mail”, spotting advertising and tossing it in the trash without a second glance. Our job is to come up with a creative solution to catch the customer’s eye, transmit the offer or event, and entice them to find out more.

Our direct mail comes in a variety of shapes and sizes depending on what we think would best transmit the marketing message. Products range from postcards, to flyers, to personal letters, and more.

We Handle the Whole Process

Direct mail is easy in theory – make a piece of mail and get it to the mailbox. Of course, when you start really observing the process you realize there is more to it than that. At Apsos, we handle all of the direct mail phases:

  1. Mailer Design and Offer Development
    • A visually appealing mailer with a unique aesthetic is the key to grabbing attention
    • An intriguing offer is key to retain that attention
    • Development of a call to action changes a piece of junk mail into a converting marketing tool
  2. Coordination with Website Marketing
    • Developing a specific web page, or homepage slider, that connects to the mailer allows for the customer to transition from print experience to digital experience smoothly
    • Cohesive marketing across all platforms increases customer retention
  3. List Development
    • Mailers can be sent using a variety of tactics, ranging from geographical area, to mailing route, to specific demographic.
    • Figuring out the best demographic, balancing cost against specificity, allows for a more targeted mailer.
  4. Cost Quote and Time Table Acquisition
    • Getting the best quote amongst reliable printers is an important step in maximizing the return on investment of the mailer.
    • Developing a reliable time table is key when it comes to synchronizing all elements of a marketing campaign.
  5. Final Printing and Mailing
    • Our professional printers take the design and list and get the physical items printed out, primed and ready to ship.
    • The printers coordinate with the USPS and execute the final mailing, getting the item on the appropriate doorsteps.

The best part is that the client only needs to approve the steps as they quickly and efficiently proceed from one to the next!

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