There’s a saying in the online world – Content is King.

No matter how many creative tactics a company develops, if they don’t have great content the search engines won’t love them and users won’t stay to listen.

Superior content is the lifeblood of any successful website. My professional background in writing and presentation gives me an edge in the creation process.


The key to creating effective content is thorough research and familiarity with your audience and brand. I will first build a broad base of knowledge of your specific area or field. Next I will evaluate the web presence and marketing strategy of your biggest competitors. Observing what types of content and social media outlets produce the most engagements and shares will help us in creating a unique web strategy for you. Identifying your target market is an important step in creating content that will reach them. All of this information will be quickly and efficiently processed in order to create effective and credible content.


I will create relevant content for your audience with the goals of engagement and building trust. Reliable and useful content that your customers want to read, comment on, and share will attract more business and help grow your brand. Blog and social media posts may cover news, information, tips, and unique ideas related to your company and industry.


When dealing with content, there are two important perspectives – anchor and renewable. Anchor content is that which appears on your most critical pages. This is the writing and video that users will see most frequently. It’s also the material that you’ll want to line up with your core SEO strategy. Renewable content like blogs and press releases provide new and interesting reasons for visitors to make your site a part of their online routine. Furthermore, augmenting content consistently built provides you the key to succeeding at “long tail” traffic. If you’d like to learn more about how I can help you with content, reach out to me here.