ac paintball

Services Rendered:

• Site conceptualization and construction from scratch
• Full SEO planning and implementation
• Integration of newsletter
• Development of audience reachout strategy
• Integration of blog technology
• Integration of social media
• Coordination with live events
• Integration of buddypress social forum aspects

AC Paintball was an ambitious project that has seen very positive results. Starting from scratch, I worked with the client to build this business from the ground up and establish it’s core audience.

In order to break into the paintball industry we created strong SEO both locally and for broad reach terms. We are now one of the most popular paintball destinations for bachelor parties and birthday parties in New Jersey.

AC Paintball is now one of the most popular paintball destinations near Atlantic City, NJ. The integration of social aspects on the site as well as on popular mediums like Facebook has helped establish a loyal following.

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