With April comes one of the slowest times for HVAC companies. The temperature starts to become more mild and for a brief amount of time people feel comfortable in their homes without needing their AC or heat turned on. For that amount of time they seem to forget that they have an HVAC system. even if it it needs some repairs.

Most HVAC companies see this lull in work as a negative, however it can actually be the best time to invest some thought into planning your marketing strategy for the rest of the year. It’s also a great time to run promotions and reward clients that are willing to be a bit more proactive. Below you will find 7 key marketing tactics that you should deploy over the next couple of months to ensure that the rest of the year is packed with clients, and make the most of these slow Spring months.

Focus on Building Quality Helpful Content

Working in the HVAC industry day in and day out it can be easy to forget that most folks out there don’t actually know much about their HVAC systems. This is fine until something goes wrong, and they need to deal with it. In times like this they will be happy to find some helpful resources that can steer them in the right direction in terms of fixing their HVAC.

During these slow Spring months consider creating a few key pieces of content that will help your clients when they run into a problem. Think about what the most common issues you have to deal with are, and write about them. You can even include directions to some easy fixes. This may seem counterintuitive since they won’t need your services, but long term client acquisition is much more important and valuable than short term work. By providing readers with easy wins you will form a connection so when they have a problem that they can’t fix, they will call you first.

Deploy The Power of Video Marketing

People buy from those they know and like the best. At the end of the day all HVAC companies sell the same service and generally the same product. What distinguishes one company to the next is the people behind it.

Create a few videos that showcase the people in the company and highlight their personalities and customer service. Then share these videos with potential customers through social media and digital ads. The idea should not be to sell your service, but to get people to connect with your company. Once you have formed this connection they will be much more likely to come to you next time they need HVAC services than the other company down the street.

Create Lead Magnets to Capture Customer Email Addresses

Image Source: smallbizclub.com

Facebook, Instagram, and other social media networks may be all the rage, but the number one way to make sales over the internet still remains email. By acquiring a potential customer’s email you get a way to stay connected with them and send them any promotions you may be running.

One of the best ways to get a potential customer’s email address is by creating a “lead magnet”. A lead magnet is essentially a little golden nugget that you offer to your reader in exchange for their email. This could take the form of a discount coupon, or a short e-book that can guide people through simple HVAC repairs. Once you have their email you can then add them to an email sales funnel that slowly warms them up for a sale.

Most email marketing softwares today offer the ability to create an automated email sequence that delivers potential customers with content on a scheduled basis. This content can include blog posts you have written, or videos you have created. As the potential customer takes in the content and gets to know your company and the people behind it better they become more likely to buy something.

This creates the perfect opportunity to present them with a Spring Special that will ensure that their HVAC will be ready to handle the strain of the summer heat. One of your emails can even include a story from a past customer whose AC crashed during the hot summer months to show a scenario that potential customer definitely doesn’t want to experience. Of course do this only if such a scenario actually happened.

Add a Dash of Urgency

One of the best sales tactics is a sense of urgency. A great marketing technique for the slow spring season is to create a great deal for your customers, and then add an end date. Put together a wonderful offering like 10% off HVAC tune ups, or include a small service for free.

Then, create urgency by saying that the deal will only last for a few weeks. Many people know that they will need to have their HVAC systems inspected or repaired before the summer heat, by providing them with a great benefit they will sign up to do it now instead of later when they won’t get the discount or special offering.

Don’t Forget To Upsell

Have you ever gone to check out online and been presented with a deal so good you had to add it on to your purchase? Well, that is called an upsell, and it’s something that you can utilize to increase revenues during these slow spring months.

The thing about an upsell is that in order for it to work it needs to be a “no brainer” decision for the customer. Let’s say that someone is hiring your company to do a system tune up. This is a great opportunity to present them with an upsell for duct cleaning for example. If you can put together a no brainer deal/price and present all the benefits of that, then you can easily increase the revenue from that client.

Invest in Forming Partnerships

People and companies alike win big when they work together. There are tons of industries that are not direct competitors but offer similar services. For HVAC companies this can include things like construction companies, electricians, plumbers, and even lawnscapers.

Invest some of your free time during slow periods to form relationships with such companies and you can benefit massively. As these companies get to know you and trust you they may recommend you to their clients that are in need of HVAC work. This allows them to still be “of service” to their clients while getting you more work.

To really take it up a notch create an “affiliate program” that passes along some of your profits to the referring company. The small amount you would be giving over to your partners could ensure an endless stream of work as they have an added reason to refer you to their clients.

Upgrade Your Website for 2018 and Beyond

2018 has already seen a lot of changes in the digital world and is set to see even more. One of the biggest changes expected to hit this year is Google’s switch from a desktop focused algorithm, to a mobile focused one. This will essentially mean that your website’s “true” version and the one most looked at by Google’s ranking algorithm will be the mobile one. This change makes sense considering that more and more people are primarily using their mobile devices to conduct searches.

This creates an amazing opportunity for your company. By taking the slow spring months and using that time to invest in upgrading your website so that it performs well on mobile, you could win big when this switch from a desktop focused Google, to a mobile focused Google occurs. When this happens most of your competitors will be left wondering where all their traffic went. By thinking ahead and making sure that your website is prepared for this switch you could stand to win over many new clients that find you and your services before those of your competitors.