With each new year comes great new web design trends. 2017 has provided us with eye-catching designs that convey information with style and sophistication. Here are our six favorite trends that are ruling the web this year.

1. Bold Typography

Big and bold words now cover website pages around the world. Words are becoming the key aspect of visual components on web pages around the globe. Spotify provides a perfect example of this design by capturing the attention of visitors with its name. The bold color in the background makes the typography pop even more!

2. Motion Pictures

What’s more eye-catching than video? Displaying short looping videos as web page backgrounds has been a hit for many companies this year. The screen is typically overlaid with a pop of color, bringing even more life to the screen. CP+B Copenhagen shows how to effectively use this technique to intrigue visitors.

3. More (& Brighter) Color

Did you know that if you paint a room yellow it is shown to increase happiness? Apparently web designers got the memo and are trying to make visiting their websites a happier experience. Bold, bright colors are happening on web pages in 2017. Gradient overlays are also very popular this year. These colors make the content pop, which is exactly what’s happening with Asana’s website.

4. Minimalism

The phrase “less is more” is being taken to a whole different level with Y B14, and it’s working.

5. Funky Layouts

And we mean funky in the best way possible. Although symmetrical pages have been good to us, it’s time for a change. Both companies and individuals are straying away from perfectly organized aesthetics and towards a more thought-provoking design.

Will Geddes not only uses an asymmetrical layout, but incorporates a hover feature. When a user hovers over an individual graphic, the screen proceeds to concentrate on that product.

6. More Authenticity

Although stock photos are getting more plentiful than ever, more companies are shifting towards the real deal. There are many different websites (like this one) that offer free authentic photography to use as resources. Presenting more realistic every day photos instead of overly-posed photos of models provides website visitors a more personal and authentic feel.

These trends are taking the internet by storm. Keep your eye out for these and other fun new designs!