Recent research on the nature of work suggests that the way we work is changing. They don’t all agree on the exact amount of time that it will take, but much of the research points to the strong possibility that a large percentage of the population will move from working in offices to working remotely for an employer or on a freelance basis.

If researchers are correct we will not have to wait long for this change. Findings suggest that a majority of workers could be conducting their jobs remotely on a freelance basis by 2027. Even if we don’t get there within the next ten years this is a trend that you should be very excited about since working remotely comes with a ton of benefits. Here at Apsos all our employees work remotely and we wanted to share with you the awesome benefits that you too can look forward to enjoying in the very near future.

Enjoy More Time with Family


Most 9 to 5 workers get to spend only a few hours with their family in the evenings. Working remotely allows you to work from home and see much more of those you love. That doesn’t mean that you should work in your living room by the TV, while your 10-year-old son watches Transformers for the third time. This will not allow you to focus and do high-quality work.

Working from home means that you don’t need to spend hours in traffic trying to get to the office, instead you can use your newly earned hours to get work done sooner. You can also spend your lunch break with your family instead of by yourself sitting on the steps of an office building.

Work When You Want


Are you a morning person, or do you do your best work when everyone else is already deep asleep? When you work remotely you have power over your schedule and can decide when to work. This means that you can make the most of your natural body rhythm and work when you have the most energy, and take a break when your energy naturally drops.

Having control over your schedule also means that you never have to miss a kid’s soccer game again. You can also avoid peak hours at the store and run errands during slower times of the day which is perhaps one of the most underrated benefits of remote work.

Supercharge Your Productivity


Office politics and constant interruptions can be very deterring to your productivity and double the time necessary for the completion of a task. Working remotely allows you to reduce the number of productivity killers and decrease the number of hours needed to get your work done.

Since remote work often times also means no more 9 to 5 mentality you can spend your newly earned free time doing things you love instead of just trying to hit the expected number of hours in front of the computer.

Take Control of Your Career


Many regular employees leave much of their career success up to their boss. Sure you can always jump from job to job in search of a slightly higher pay or better sounding title, but for the most part, what projects you work on and how you are paid are out of reach for most employees. When you work remotely, especially in a freelance scenario, you have full control over how much you charge for services and what projects you take on.

Even if you work remotely as an employee you will often times find yourself with a bit more free time than a regular office worker. You can spend this time working on a side hustle that can bring in more money, or on improving your skills so you can excel at your job and get that promotion quicker.

Travel The World


Currently, I am writing this blog post in a plane 30,000ft above the Mediterranean Sea on my way to the beachside town of Varna, Bulgaria. This is perhaps one of the biggest benefits to working remotely. Most people spend their entire lives eagerly awaiting their retirement so they can travel and see the world. Remote work lets you do all of that while you’re still working.

While some companies and positions will require you to stay in a certain country or time zone a majority of remote jobs can be done from anywhere in the world. Best of all this can be hugely beneficial to your finances as well. Many places in the world are far cheaper than the United States or other western countries, taking your work on the road and living in places like Thailand or Eastern Europe can create a nice change of pace to your bank account.

If working remotely sounds like your cup of tea and are ready to embrace the future now check out our job openings. We are always looking for talented people with a great work ethic to join our team. We can’t wait to hear from you!